VOID WORSHIP VS MAINSTREAM SATANISM : Transitioning away from the ideology of the CoS, TST, BALG and various other sects

   There appears to be a huge chasm between those who presence the darkness genuinely in their lives and those who simply can’t or won’t. It seems many people seek out a group to join in an effort to learn some sort of secret about the darkness but there is truly no group you can join if you devote yourself to the Abyss. If you are looking for friends within the occult, look elsewhere because this shit is dangerous and even other Satanists will probably be afraid of you after this. There are no exciting aesthetics for you to inherit, no symbols that can easily be worn as a necklace, no list of strict rules or tenets to live by. There are no saints, no lengthy lists of demons and their seals, no archetypes to relate to or membership cards to be mailed upon receipt of your $50 check. This is a major difference between devotional work and the Satanism that is often espoused in the United States. It is WORK. It isn’t an invitation to join and adapt to the ideas of other humans. It is an opportunity to serve. Your precious individuality is not valued, only your ability to flood this reality with the essence of the Void makes you a useful tool. And your blood. Frankly, the difference between Satanic or occult groups in the public eye and Void worship is that IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU OR WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF THIS. It is not a system that can be adapted to get the girl you want or the car you want or help you get a job and live a wealthy life. That shit is for practical low magick and is separate from individual true evil devotion. Usually people who are devoted work alone, anyway, and aren’t looking for a magick hand out from the darkness. This is not to say that there aren’t groups of individuals out there performing rites of pure malice because there absolutely are and I have worked with some and respect their dedication. Those people aren’t even human anymore, though. The Satanic Temple is comprised of simple humans and they work to improve the false notion of “human rights”. You can also join for a fee without doing any work. Therein lies the distinction.

After about three years of making my creative work publicly available, I’ve received a wide range of questions from people who are either entirely new to the idea of theistic Satanism or are in the process of revising their belief system entirely. Some people are practicing Satanists who now choose to leave behind their old practice to focus on Abyssal worship. While many of the questions are specific to the inquisitor, some are very broad questions about the nature of devotional practices in the dark arts. I try my best to provide assistance to those who are chosen by the Void, so I am writing this in hope that more people are able to make a successful (and probably bloody) transition into Void worship regardless of their previous religious or atheistic background. As an aside, my familial background consists of both scientists and pastors. For this reason, I’ve never pushed science as an attempt to discredit religious thought or vice versa. I have never associated myself with any religion or occult current, although as a young person I described myself as an atheist simply because I was uncomfortable with the fact that I have psychic abilities, strong lucid dreams, urges to meditate for long periods, astral projection abilities and am able to communicate with the dark. I did not want to discuss those things with anyone so I labeled myself a non-believer in general. For a long time I didn’t know these things had names and I certainly didn’t have anyone to support me in the managing of these abilities. Now that I have developed fully into Void worship I feel the need to provide support to others who may be in the same situation I once found myself in.

My most pressing advise to those who are in the first stages of a natural spiritual progression away from said groups is that while it is isolating work, you are not alone. There are others out there who are having similar experiences in having their humanity drained out of them. That being said, not all people interested in their form of Satanism or dark spirituality are actually empaths. They probably aren’t seers, manifesters, psychics or oracles either. They aren’t sensitive at all and their third eye is useless. Those of us with these abilities are in the vast minority, even in the occult community. From my experience thus far, there are even those who practice some form of occultism and never even have a single intense spiritual experience. It is a luxury and a privilege to be able to see the astral realm as an interesting fantasy and go on living a normal life. For the rest of us, we must find a way to effectively channel the Void so we can continue to survive. If we turn our back on these forces, we won’t live very long to tell about it. It’s extremely dangerous for us to just quit. Don’t do it, even if your loved ones tell you to. Besides, the Void will weed out anyone and anything in your life that may keep you from this work so you might as well get used to your independence now. After the spiritual surgery, you won’t be the same person your friends know. The decision to work with the Void with literally kill that person and it will be painful. If you want to be a good, happy person who lives without discomfort, turn back now and retire to Wicca.

Another major difference between atheistic or larger mainstream Satanic groups and Void worship is that you will invariably be required to open up the creative part of yourself if you come into contact with the Void. Whether or not you have ever considered yourself a creative person is irrelevant as it is not the aesthetic quality of the work that is important but that you become an agent of the Abyss. Through the manifestation of visual, written and audio connections to the Void you are acting as an invisible hand in the cosmic plane on behalf of something very much outside of the cosmos. Don’t let anyone fool you, no artist is born with talents that others are not. It takes full dedication to become adequate in your chosen creative field. Development of creative abilities is a lifelong pursuit and will eventually meld with your devotional practice. It is much more important to become adept in the act of manifesting the darkness into the material than it looking good. That can come later. If you are being called to simply open portals or doorways so that shadow entities can come into our world more easily, that is done so by placing them in areas MORE PEOPLE will experience. Maybe your body itself is the portal. Simple doorways can be made as easily as a chalk outline somewhere or as complex as building an entire temple with elaborately painted altarpieces. Get started by any means necessary and develop from there. Don’t just open doorways in your room, open them in public places, open them in a basement at a party, open them in abandon areas, open them in drawings and during album recordings, open them in church, open them at school. Then feed them so they stay open. Disrupt the reality of normal human life. Arrange it so it can feed on others and become a larger portal. Saturate as much of this world with Void energy as is possible in your lifetime. Leave the door open when you die.

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