Instructions On How to Use My Art in Ritual

As many people who have purchased my art may already know, they are functional ritual tools. They can be used as meditation aids, a bit like yantras. Some pieces are arranged to house specific entities or demons inside them and others are arranged to exude a specific type of energy that can be used like fuel during rituals or ceremonial magick. I specialize in Void energy or dark matter, although there are other types of energy that can be helpful when establishing a connection to the Void or hexing someone. For instance, a collage called “Astral Terror / Night Division” was created to enhance the ability to stalk someone in dreams. I made it with obvious imagery as well as hidden sigils. Granted, you’ll have to be an adequate dreamer in order to use it but it is strong enough to be used by anyone with proper discipline. If you are new to the concept of sacred art or using art in ritual, this overview is intended to guide you through the experience.

Here I will explain the three major ways to use my work ritualistically:

  1. As an altarpiece, they can effectively tune your workspace or altar room to the distinct frequency of the Void (usually through the Saturn sphere if we’re talking planetary associations, although I don’t work strictly planetary magick). I find that all curse rituals are more effective within a space dedicated to the Abyss and this will provide you with an extra dose of pitch black energy while cursing. Just having an additional link to Void energy will seal the deal so to speak. In this case you need to open up the collage/painting by offering it incense, some blood and arranging it in a pleasing and respectful manner on your altar. Most of my art will essentially do its own altar tuning without much ritual involvement but if have a piece specifically used as a “death sigil” and you are performing a curse with it, put some knives or bullets around it. Don’t let it touch any sunlight. Surround it with graveyard dirt, blackened salt and preferably objects owned by the target or their hair, nail clippings, blood, basically anything with their DNA. The specific ritual is up to you, although I find that writing the target’s name repeatedly on some paper while describing their death, then burning it works well. Then you can use the ashes to mix into a water offering while asking the Abyss to eat them or drive them completely insane. You could also use a poppet or other visual representation of the ill fortune you wish upon your target. I guess you don’t have to kill them but what’s the point of a curse otherwise? You can’t really half-ass Void Magick, anyway. It’s all or nothing.
  1. As meditation aids, they can be used to “unlock” the sigil I’ve drawn in them. These sigils are obviously coded and the only way to unlock their purpose is to stare at them with half focus during trance states. If you have difficulty achieving trance state or are inexperienced in navigating altered states of consciousness, start with a simple yoga breathing technique coupled with a comfortable meditation position. Do this a little longer every time, even if it’s only one minute longer. You will reach trance state eventually. Don’t overthink it or you’ll accidentally snap yourself out of it. Think of this as a visually guided meditation. I’ve done most of the work in this case, you just need to become receptive. Once you see the art begin to move or shift with your third eye, its awake, or rather you have become awoken to it. Remain open to all the experiences you may have and write them down. Always write them down. The messages or visions might not make sense or seem significant at first because the Void doesn’t work in linear time and that shit can get confusing. If you record them all you can make sense of them later when they’re all arranged, like an insane puzzle from Hell.
  1. As a doorway to the outer dark, they work a little too well. I mean that in a good way if that is what you’re trying for here. Although if a normal person with no empathic abilities, however latent, attempts to sit alone with the art in the dark they might actually see or feel something they don’t want to experience. It might stay with them for a while and they will begin to act differently, get angry out of no where, start fights, eating strange things or isolating themselves… I’ve seen it all. Prolonged exposure WILL cause a shift in your energy. For this type of use, its less formal ritual and more like a portal. Keeping a portal open to the outer dark is risky if you live with other people who don’t want their space haunted. But fuck them. Do it anyway. Visualize, casually or ritually, the entire piece of art becoming a door. I find a simple square door works best at first because it matches the shape of most canvases or prints but any doorway, gateway or portal you can repeatedly hold in your mind is good. Now here’s where it gets weird. You can invite the entity in the art work OUT of the doorway or… you can go in. I’ve done this during meditations and in dreams. If you sleep near the doorway repeatedly you are more likely to drift into it while you dream. If you have an elevated bed, just slip it face up under your bed so it aligns with your head. If you can lucid dream, its easier, but keep trying to go to the other side even if you’re not a lucid dreamer. Before going to bed, state to yourself that you WILL go through the doorway. Know that you will. Wake yourself up a bit early, repeat that it is your will to go through the portal and go back to sleep to control dreams more effectively. Boom, now you have access to the realms of outer darkness where the cosmos ends.

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