IIIII am a Void worshiping occultist, painter, collage artist, tattooist, writer, researcher and editor. My entire life’s work is the establishment of Void altars and temples and the bringing together of creative people who work toward the same goal. I will work with any entities, deities or demons which act as effective spiritual funnels to the Abyss. I have been a theistic Satanist for most of my life and have naturally progressed into full fledged Abyssal worship through the black path of Satan. I perform live rituals and collaborate with other musicians and artists to bring the eternal Void into the material plane. I paint altarpieces and portraits that are alive and dangerous; they are not decorative. I believe in the weaponization of art and spirituality as a way to disrupt our current aeon and destroy the gods who stand in our way. I value direct gnosis through meditation and sacrifice. Through me, the Abyss will manifest in the cosmos. When I die, I expect to escape reincarnation and dissolve completely into the Abyss, obliterating my soul to become one with its eternal, perfect hunger.