Erica Frevel

Erica Frevel is an occult practitioner using visual art as a means of communication with invisible realms outside reality.

Her works are the result of ritual and alchemical transmutations of base matter into potent magickal talismans. She specializes in the ability to channel spirits, demons and ancient deities into collages, ritual esoterica, painted altarpieces and shrine sculptures. This praxis has transformed her studio into an active devotional chamber.

In addition to her visual arts, she is deeply devoted to the practice of Void Worship. It is from this devotion which she is granted visions and gnosis from the Abyss. Her advanced esoteric skills lead her to acts as a Void oracle and medium for members of her underground networks of occultists.

Known for her relentless research into taboo spirituality and ancient religious practices, she also authors books and articles with esoteric publishers.