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Why did I transition from Traditional Satanism to Void Worship?

This is one of the questions that LaVeyan Satanists (or beginners in general) ask me the most. How and when did I first come into contact with the Abyss?

Atheism and Theism

A short discussion about transitioning from an atheistic mindset to accepting the supernatural as reality. I receive a lot of questions from people regarding the belief in “god” and if that makes you a Satanist or not. There is obviously a huge difference between what normal people view as religious and the practices that will bring you closer to the dark.

Do I Work With a Coven?

Discussion on why I choose to work without a coven or group even though I’m invited to sometimes. Creative collaboration, both public and private, is my preferred alternative to group rituals. I also talk about why I think its important to build a Void Temple and provide a creative and spiritual headquarters for other writers, artists, occultists and musicians as opposed to founding or … Read More Do I Work With a Coven?

The Role of Trauma and Possession in Void Worship

A short discussion on the nature of emotional and spiritual trauma in the context of Void worship and spiritual possession. Using trauma consciously as a gateway to contact the Abyss is a technique I’ve gotten a grasp on and its very effective. I’ve found that most other people who are on this path also have experienced childhood spiritual trauma or have been closer to … Read More The Role of Trauma and Possession in Void Worship

Void Meditation

The Importance of Dreaming

A short explanation of the importance of dreaming in the context of Void worship. Whether or not you usually remember your dreams may make a huge difference in how you are able to receive messages from the Void. Keep every line of communication open.

Are You Afraid of Losing Your Identity Through Void Worship?

I get a ton of people wondering why the hell I would sign up to be completely obliterated spiritually upon my inevitable demise. Even other well known occultists seem very put off by this concept. Here’s a three minute answer to why your deepest fears are actually my highest aspirations. If you’re not ready to let go and become dissolved entirely, Void Worship will … Read More Are You Afraid of Losing Your Identity Through Void Worship?

Is Void Worship A Religion?

This is one of the questions people ask me the most. Is there a religion, specific lifestyle or a doctrine you must adhere to in order to worship the Void? The answer is no. You don’t have to act like me or like anyone else for that matter. There’s no one looking over your shoulder judging you or waiting until you complete their tasks … Read More Is Void Worship A Religion?