Thank you for your interest in my art. I am currently taking a step back from my store while focusing on new ventures. Prints and Amulets are unavailable for purchase at this time. Thank you for understanding!

Mars Amulet

This Mars amulet is created with the symbols of the astral house of Mars. Designed on the day and hour of Mars, this amulet is an active link to the war god and all spirits of Mars.

The reverse of the amulet lists the 5 names of Mars according to the astrological grimoire known as the Picatrix. Reading the names aloud is the first step in any Mars operation.

The pewter is darkened and weathered to give the amulet an ancient aura.

Inscription on the reverse side reads: Mars, Marech, Bahram, Rubija’il, Angara, Ares.

Indestructible, doughty, mighty, valiant divinity,
Delighting in arms, indestructible, man-killing, stormer of cities:
Lord Áris, rattling in armor, always defiled with the slaughter of war,
Rejoicing in man-slaying blood and raising the clamor of combat, horrifying one,
You who lust for the obscene carnage of swords and spears:
Halt the raging strife! Cease the travail grieving our hearts!
Rather, yield to the peaceful yearnings of Aphrodíti and the revels of Diónysos. 
Exchange your fury and weapons for the gentle works of Dimítir.
Conceive a desire for peacefulness which will cultivate the young and grant them blessedness.

Handcast pewter amulet, consecrated to the sphere of Mars.

Comes hung with black cord.

Approximately 2 x 2 inches, 2.3 oz.


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