Thank you for your interest in my art. I am currently taking a step back from my store while focusing on new ventures. Prints and Amulets are unavailable for purchase at this time. Thank you for understanding!

Altar Plaque of Pazuzu

8.5 x 11

Printed in-house on high-quality Luster paper.

All prints are individually consecrated according to the individual spirit’s instruction. This process may take up to 3 days after printing.

Sealed in black tissue paper and shipped in a sturdy non-bendable black plastic envelope to ensure no light penetrates the packaging. This ensures the longevity of the charged consecration.

“I am Pazuzu, Son of Hanbu, King of the evil Lillu-demons,

I ascend the might mountains that quaked.

The winds that I went amongst were headed towards the west.

One by one I broke their wings.”

Print of original charcoal and watercolor Pazuzu altarpiece.