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Clonfert Mermaid Amulet

This amulet features the infamous mermaid carving found in the medieval Clonfert Cathedral in Country Galway, Ireland. Founded by Saint Brendan the Navigator, the church is home to many early Irish Christian religious and folk carvings. While the founder of the cathedral was a seaman before he was a priest, he was said to have come into contact with these beings while at sea. Traditionally, the mermaid was a symbol of sin – particularly of female sexuality, lust, vanity and seduction. Of course, this is the path to utter damnation and hell. The Clonfert Mermaid is famously pictured with a comb and a mirror, flaunting her sin.

Meant to invoke the seductive, feminine, demonic oceanic spirits. The depths. The long haired half humanoid mermaid who lures men to their destruction with beautiful and hypnotic songs and promise of sensual delights while isolated with other men at sea. The fangs she smiles with as she sings. Your blood in the water. She is the predator of the depths.

All demonic water spirits are represented here, although the most dangerous and seductive are surely the gorgeous naked mermaids. Temptation of the unknown. A deadly seductress. The crescent moon to her left and the universal water symbol on her right. The entire amulet is shaped as an inverted triangle, the alchemical symbol of water.

Consecrated with sea salt, rum and frankincense. The reverse side of the amulet shows a secret sigil which has effects of utter seduction of the pure evil which lurks beneath the waves. A chance at total abandonment into oblivion. The longest fall from grace. Utterly consumed.




Handcast pewter amulet, consecrated to feminine demonic oceanic spirits.

Comes hung with black cord.

Approximately 3 x 3 inches.


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