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Gilles de Rais & Joan d'Arc Amulet Set

While Gilles de Rais represents the monstrosity and blasphemy of child mass sacrifice, extreme sexual deviancy and Satanic black magick, Joan d’Arc represents spiritual purity, virginity, utmost faith and holy grace. Together, they become a perfect complementary pair combining the Mystery of Lucifer with the Sword of Righteousness. When worshiped as dual saints, the principal of ABRAXAS is made clear. The fact that Joan was burned alive for witchcraft despite her purity and Gilles was her protector turned sorcerer despite his faithful service to the church and state seals their fate as HOLY SAINTS OF ABRAXAS.

A portrait of Joan in her holy armor, clutching the sword of her beloved Saint Catherine of Fierbois adorns the amulet. She is flanked by the holy cross and the fleur-de-lis, representing the two loves of Joan’s life: the freedom of France and the cross of Christ. Above her shines the sigil of the archangel Michael, who leads many into the eternal heavenly battle.

A portrait of Gilles in his unholy armor, staring towards the flames of Hell. He is surrounded by a garland of skulls, the last mortal remains of the hundreds of children who were tortured and sacrificed at his command. Behind him shines the sigil of Lucifer.




Set of two handcrafted pewter amulets.

Comes hung with black cord.

Approximately 2 x 2 inches, 2.5 oz.

Consecrated to the Archangel Michael and the fallen angel Lucifer respectively.


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