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Gnostic Ankh Ear Weights

These ear weights are available single or as a pair ($10 discount for the pair). They are a variant of the Gnostic Ankh amulet. Worn together, they create a powerful triplicity of gnosis.

Known as the Crux Ansata (Cross of Life/Cross of the Nile in Latin), the Gnostic Ankh Ear Weights are designed with the eye of consciousness in the middle. They are double sided and identical on both sides. They weight approximately 31 grams and have a wearable width of 5-6mm. Works well with larger stretched ears as well.

The symbol is a combination of the phallic (the lower T shape) penetrating the womb (upper oval) which together orient the wearer toward the ecstatic orgy of primordial explosion.

Can also be linked to the twisted reed or “rod-and-ring” symbol of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, associated with Venus. *(see Venus amulet for reference)

These Ear Weights are is most useful to those who seek the Gnosis of Non-Dualism as well as anyone currently on a Gnostic spiritual path.

approximately 3 by 1.75 inches

5-6mm wearable width

weighs 31 grams each


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