Thank you for your interest in my art. I am currently taking a step back from my store while focusing on new ventures. Prints and Amulets are unavailable for purchase at this time. Thank you for understanding!

Jupiter Amulet

This Jupiter amulet is created with the symbols of the astral house of Jupiter. Designed on the day and hour of Jupiter, then hand-cast on Thursday at dawn. This amulet is an active link to the higher beneficiary sphere of Jupiter which rules the laws, legal proceedings, wisdom, philosophy, justice and all good things. Jupiter acts as the higher octave of another beneficiary planetary sphere, Venus. The symbolism of the amulet shows the Holy Eagle with a lightning bolt issuing from its heart, the royal crown, 3 pentacles and a motif of oak leaves with acorns. The alchemical breakdown of the symbol of Jupiter can be found above the Holy Eagle.

This amulet is made to aid the wearer in becoming the beneficiary of the blessings of Jupiter. Does balance some heavy, negative aspects of Saturn according to one’s birth chart.

The reverse of the amulet displays 5 names of Jupiter in his various cultural incarnations. Reading the names aloud works well as an introduction to any rituals involving Jupiter, particularly magick involving legal proceedings or petitions.

Inscription on the reverse side reads: Thor, Zeus, Jupiter, Mustari, Jove.

The pewter is darkened and weathered to give the amulet an ancient aura.


Handcast pewter amulet, consecrated to the sphere of Jupiter.

Comes hung with black cord.

Approximately 2 x 2 inches, 2.3 oz.