Thank you for your interest in my art. I am currently taking a step back from my store while focusing on new ventures. Prints and Amulets are unavailable for purchase at this time. Thank you for understanding!

Pazuzu Icon Print Collection

Complete set of Pazuzu icons, used in protective black magick and demonolatry.

For those who need protection from viral pandemic, plagues, disease, birth complications and seizures.

Includes the following seven (7)  full size 8.5 by 11 inch prints:

  • Pazuzu Icon in Red
  • All Yield to the Storm of Pazuzu
  • Vision of Pazuzu
  • Pazuzu Invocation Circle
  • Invocation of the Plague Winds
  • Altar Plaque of Pazuzu
  • Pazuzu Rides the Storm Winds

8.5 x 11

Printed in-house on high-quality Luster paper.

All prints are individually consecrated according to the individual spirit’s instruction. This process may take up to 3 days after printing.

Sealed in black tissue paper and shipped in a sturdy non-bendable black plastic envelope to ensure no light penetrates the packaging. This ensures the longevity of the charged consecration.


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