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Saint Isidore the Laborer Amulet

Patron saint of farmers, laborers, tradespeople and all those who work the land, tend to plants and care for domestic animals.

Saint Isidore placed great importance on giving freely to those less fortunate, including animals and the poor, which links his sainthood to the Saturnine current. It is a tradition within Saturn veneration to give secretly to the poor as to avoid being thanked personally for the charity and therefore giving only in the name of Saturn. The iconography includes the sickle, a symbol of Saturn.

This amulet was created at noon on Labor Day.

Perfect for anyone who works a manual labor job, works outside or is a member of a trade union.

Used for invoking favorable growing conditions, good weather as well as the good health of animals. Also protects workers while on the job.

This amulet is super lightweight so it can be worn easily while working.

Handcast pewter amulet.

Comes hung with black cord.

Approximately 1 x 2 inches


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