Set of 3 Yule Demon Ornaments

A collection of three Yule demons to hang in your home to bring wild horny woodland winter energy into your sphere. Especially festive during Saturnalia!

Could be worn as amulets during the winter months or hung on wreaths, fireplace mantels, devil nests, entrances to your home and to adorn Yule trees.

This set of pewter Yule demons is consecrated with graveyard dirt from local New England graves. Has a strong Saturnine charge!

Comes wrapped with black tissue, moss harvested over old graves, a sprig of Eastern White Pine, a sprig of American Bittersweet berries and a dried orange slice. Delightful and unique gift for yourself, your home altar or a friend who loves witch tits and hairy demon dicks.

Cast in pewter and antiqued for an ancient aura.

Approximately 2 x 4 inches, 1.5 oz. each


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