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Sun Amulet

This amulet is intended to ritually focus on the mystery of the Sun as the source of power and strength within the esoteric practice of human sacrifice, effecting all other planets and spirits. Solar deities have historically been on the receiving end of blood offerings and human sacrifice the world over from priests and common man alike. Merging the light and warmth of the Sun and the energy given from the beating human heart. Solar magick at its most potent. Sacrifice the self you once were to the elevated self you may become tomorrow.

A relatively simple design adorns this amulet. The winged scarab representing the resurrection of the disciple of the gods. The scarab rolls the shit and filth of the Earth into the eternal renewal of the Sun. A symbol of protection against evil, and yet the Sun receives the blood of man to shine. A cycle of life and death turns and turns. Filth into Divinity. On the scarab there lies a Sunwheel, the holy swastika of life.

The many-eyed sun glares down with fangs and a demonic tongue, ready to receive the sacrifice necessary to carry on the source of life. Informed by the Aztec Piedra del Sol, the price of life here on Earth is sacrifice on a large scale. Blood and energetic feeding is the process by which all beings survive. This cycle is non-negotiable, although often perceived as evil or violent. To shun the deadly process by which life renews itself is indeed denial of life and vitality itself.

This particular design is similar to the Moon amulet. These two work together well and balance the male/female yin/yang energy within the practitioners’ body.

Ritually speaking, the effects of this amulet is to amplify all other energies. The planets and the spirits of the sphere of those planets reflect the light and energy of the burning Sun. Wearing this amulet with any other amulet acts as a boost for the energies therein.

Inscription on the reverse side reads:

Ra, Sol, Tonatiuh, Shamash, Apollo, Sun

The pewter is darkened and weathered to give the amulet an ancient aura.


Handcast pewter amulet, consecrated to the sphere of the Sun.

Comes hung with black cord.

Approximately 2 x 2 inches, 2.5 oz


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