Erica Frevel

Published Works


Aztec Solar Magick: Blood and Gold

Conjure Codex Issue 4, June 2020

Hadean Press

Masterpieces 2019

Heavy Music Artwork

Full color oil painting and interview

Ferocious: A Folk Tantric Manual on the Sapta Matrika Cult

The Sepulcher Society, 2019

Theion Publishing

7 full page ink illustrations

Underworld: An Expert Study and Manual of Practical Necromancy

The Sepulcher Society, 2018

Theion Publishing

Cult of the Black Cube: A Saturnian Grimoire

Arthur Moros, 2017

Theion Publishing

Full page color oil painting

The Deplorable Word

Erica Frevel & Constantine Charagma, 2016

Martinet Press

Full page color collage and ink illustrations

Darkadya: The Book of Art From Below

Darkadya Publishing, 2016

3 full page collage and illustration